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  1. Slipping over a wet tile floor
Though it might seem like a harmless boo boo, but it’s actually not a joking matter. Slipping in the bathroom is a serious accident. You might find a solution for this problem at Beethoven’s 8, where we use anti-skid tiles.
  1. Life can be a painful experience
Life is full of unexpected surprises, but some surprises aren’t that great. To prevent such unexpected surprises, Beethoven’s 8 provides a 24/7 ambulance service to keep your life away from such bad experiences.
  1. A mafia car might hit your kid in the parking lane
Okay maybe this is an exaggeration, but you never know where your kids are playing and they might just get into trouble in the parking area. What your kids need is a children’s playground away from the parking area. What you really need is an apartment at Beethoven’s 8.
  1. Don’t be friends with burglars
Burglary might be a common thing in the newspapers, but don’t get used to such home invasions. At Beethoven’s 8 you will find high-tech security that will keep a vigilant eye against such uninvited “guests”.
  1. Getting stuck in the lift
A common cliché in horror movies is when the guy who is about to die is stuck in the lift. But what makes this cliché so scary is the fact that it REALLY HAPPENS! No need to panic, at Beethoven’s 8 no such horror scenes will come true due to our brilliant maintenance and high tech-lifts.
  1. Getting electrocuted due to naked wires
Naked wires can be a big trouble. Okay maybe it’s a big problem which is prevalent in many houses, but at Beethoven’s 8 you will find optical fibre network, which is the safest form of cable wires.
  1. When your mom’s incense sticks might start a fire
Smoking kills, but what might really hurt you is the fire that your house might catch due to a freak accident. To prevent such incidents, Beethoven’s 8 provides fire sprinkler system that starts to act up whenever anything is burning.
  1. When your knees start shaking
When the earth starts to shake and the walls start to tremble, it’s not love you are experiencing, it’s an earthquake. They are the most tragic disasters that have shook this world time and again. At Beethoven’s 8, our apartments have an earthquake resistant design.
  1. A flood happens, when your friend forgets to close the tap
Yes such things happen when someone leaves the tap on and then the whole building has to face the consequences. Not only is this activity dangerous but it’s also harmful for the environment. You will never have to face such harsh misadventures at Beethoven’s 8, where we use high tech instruments that never put your life in danger.
  1. When your security guards belong in the Stone Age.
Most security guards are either physically unfit or they are unaware of high tech security gadgets. At Beethoven’s 8 you will find highly trained security guards who are professionals and know their vocation to the core.
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